Why Pull-Ups®?

  • New Huggies® Explorers are designed to flex and protect, to help Big Kids explore, learn and develop from 9 - 18 months.
  • Huggies® Trainers have a comfortable, flexible fit for easy movement and easy potty training too.
  • All-round protection day and night. Sleek, absorbent core for easy movement and double leg cuffs to prevent leaks.
  • Fit and feel like real underwear because your baby’s a Big Kid now!

Watch now: See the Hotstepper, the Explorer, and the Stand-Up Kid in action.

Pull-Ups® Explorers are for Big Kids who’ve taken their first steps and aren’t potty training yet, but still need protection during their daily adventures.

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Our products

New Explorers Pants

  • Designed to flex and protect with every step your Big Kid takes
  • All-round protection for both day and night
  • Wetness indicator fades to signal wet from dry
  • Available for 9-18 months and 1½ - 3 years
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Day-time Training Pants

  • Temporary feel wet layer aids learning
  • Stretchy sides mean children can pull pants up and down without help
  • Designed to look like real underwear, with Disney© graphics
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Night-time Training Pants

  • Consistent potty training. Children aren't confused by switching back to nappies and nappy pants at night
  • Temporary feel wet layer is replaced with a super absorbent layer, for a good nights' sleep
  • Same fun Disney© features and wetness indicator
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Easy movement

Pull-Ups® are designed to flex and protect. The moment your baby can stand on their own two feet, they’re a Big Kid. But standing still isn’t really a Big Kid thing. Big Kids are explorers. They want to cruise, walk, clamber and climb. Pull-Ups® are designed with movement in mind, to make your Big Kid’s journey to independence as comfortable and enjoyable as can be.

Smart design

Wetness indicator. Special inks fade when wet, so you’ll know at a glance when your little explorer needs a change. Now all you have to do is catch them! Once they’ve passed the milestones of cruising and walking and you’re thinking about potty training, the wetness indicator will give you the opportunity to talk about using the potty, helping your Big Kid learn that dry is best.

Big Kid look

No Big Kid wants a saggy old nappy holding them back. They’ve got places to go, people to see and a whole lot of learning and developing to do. Pull-Ups® are designed to fit and feel like real underwear and feature fun Disney© graphics so while they’re going about their Big Kid business, they’ll look as good as they feel.

Potty training tips

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