Pull-Ups® Explorers
Activewear for your Big Kid

Your Big Kid's on the move! New Pull-Ups® Explorers flexible fit gives comfort and protection to Big Kids on their daily adventures. It's time for them to explore!

Look at me! Look at me!

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  • Designed to flex and protect with every step your adventurer takes
  • All-round protection for both day and night
  • Wetness indicator fades to signal wet from dry
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Activewear for little adventures

Learn why Pull-Ups® Explorers are the perfect activewear for your Big Kid. Simply click the buttons to find out more about each feature.

It’s a Big Kid adventure!

It’s early days, but your Big Kid is definitely going places. Start them on the path to independence from the moment they can stand on their own two feet.


All-round protection

All-round protection for both day and night plus a sleek protective core to minimise bulk and make movement easier.


Flexible fit

Flexible fit for easy movement and flexible, breathable waistband for maximum comfort.


Wetness indicator

Unique fade when wet graphics signal wet from dry.


Underwear-like designs

Underwear like designs with Disney© graphics that Big Kids love.


Tear sides

Tear sides for easy removal so you can get your Big Kid back in the game quicker.

How Pull-Ups® Explorers help

  • Designed to give your Big Kids maximum protection while they’re on their adventures.
  • Special absorbent material guarantees up to 12 hours of protection, without restricting their movement.
  • All-around stretchy material makes Explorers easy to slip on and off for changing, but secure enough to stay on as they explore.
  • Unique fade when wet graphics signal wet from dry.

What makes up Pull-Ups® Explorers?

Components Purpose
Polypropylene Body Side Liner – Pulls in fluid and helps provide a layer of protection between your little one's skin and the mess.
Superabsorbent (sodium polyacrylate), wood fluff pulp, polypropylene, polyester, viscose fibre(day only) and colorant Absorbent Padding - Pulls in fluid to help keep your little one comfortable and dry.
Polypropylene and polyethylene printed with colorants Outer Cover - Helps keep wetness in the pant and not on bed or clothes and has unique patterns that fade when wet to help your little one learn to stay dry.
Polyurethane and polypropylene Waistband, inside flap, and leg elastics - Helps to provide a snug but gentle fit and helps to keep wetness and mess in the diaper.
Polyethylene, polypropylene and adhesives Disposable tape - Helps convenient disposal
Adhesive and colour changing dye Colour-changing wetness indicator - Lets you know when your baby's diaper is ready to be changed.
Adhesives Adhesives are used to hold the components together.

Big Kid taking their first steps?

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